Security in my Project

Hi people,

I have a project in MongoDB Atlas with a cluster where I want to put 300 databases, but I want to put 300 database users linked to each database so they each have access to their database only.

The problem is that there is a limit of 100 database users.

How should I do?

Hi @Bruno_Nobre ,

Either seperate those databases across 3+ projects or ask support if this limit can be changed for your use case.

3 rd option is to use realm and realm rules and auth to seperate the users.


Well, if an Atlas limit stops you from implementing your use case, then I see only one way to do it. Do not use Atlas and run your own instances.

Your question is like asking How to driver to 200 km/h when your car is limited to 100 km/h?.

Hi @steevej

Those limits should not stop him from using atlas those limits can be extended in some circumstances.

You should definitely use atlas @Bruno_Nobre !


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Thanks from bringing that up:

I am also interested to know more as I am with you with

Just contact support and see what can be done…

I do not have this need at this point but it is good to know that the limits are not cast in stone.

Hi @Pavel_Duchovny

I want to use Atlas.

Can support increase this limit for me?


You will need to open a case with support. Go to your Atlas support page.


How it works? Are there any examples?

My support is Free… Can I request this via chat?

You should try that yes.

Sorry… what should i try?

The chat of Atlas

Not allowed via chat. :frowning_face:

Why can’t support raise the limit through chat?

I am not in the support team so I don’t know.

What is the cluster size you are using? Maybe you can buy temporary support for cases…

Btw why do you need so many users?? Whats the reason to handle this messy amount?

Also why can’t you use 3-4 projects to host all the users?

My cluster in the moment is a M2.

I have a Node.JS app on my clients that send information to a Mongo database. Each customer has their own database and cannot see each other, hence the need for database users. More details at: database-users/129721

Once sent, this data is viewed by a mobile application (React Native). Each user enters their email and password (Realm authentication) and views their respective database. The mobile app points to this project ID, it would be unfeasible for me to have 4 apps in the PlayStore doing the same thing and pointing to different project IDs.