Secondary node of replica set has become stale Mongo 4.0

I’m currently working on a replica set user-managed MongoDB for Alteryx software. The current replica set up is:

  1. Pc0 (primary node)
  2. Pc2 (secondary node)
  3. Pc1 (seconard node)
    I have upgraded the Alteryx software to a newer version, the newer version has different mongoDB schema. Pc10 and pc12 have updated schema and both run fine, however pc11 still has the old schema and has become stale. The pc11 node is unable to run if the other two nodes are running.
    I’m new to MongoDB and was just wondering the best way to go about fixing the issue? I am working with MongoDB 4.0

Welcome to the MongoDB community @Flouncy_Mgoo !

A replica set member that is stale no longer has a common oplog point that would allow it to automatically sync from another member of the replica set.

You will have to Re-sync the stale replica set member to fix this issue.


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