Searching for records contain the word "You" showing no results. Text Index

I have searching for a while for a solution, but cannot seem to find anything.

If I change the value from “You” to anything else like “Joe”, “Hot” or anything it works only the word “you”.

Here’s my text index:

Here’s my text index:

  tabs.createIndex({'videoTitle': "text", "videoId": "text"},
                    videoTitle: 2
                background: true,
                collation: {locale: "simple"}


I’m searching using this query:

db.tabs.find({$text: { $search: "You" }})

I’m not sure if this is a known issue or something, but even if I search on this forum for anything contains you, nothing show up. Try it yourself:

Searching for “Joe”, you will get results, they even include the word “You”

Searching for you, returns nothing:

Please read carefully the following

You will see why some words like you and and are ignored. Exactly at

So there’s nothing we can do to bypass this? However, the value is not just “You” but “It’s You” even if I search for “It’s You” I get no results.

I have seen this solution:

   { content : "text" },
   { default_language: "none" }

But I guess it’s gonna have a bad impact on performance if I change the language settings right?