$search near is not producing any results for location

I am looking at this documentation. On the search index the geoloc field is indexed as geo and here is an example of the geoloc field in my collection:

"geoloc": {"type": "geo"}

When I build out my $search in the aggregation tab I do not get anything back when I search for the location provided above.

  "index": "default",
  "near": {
      "origin": {
        "type": "Point",
        "coordinates": [-81.52274, 41.07571]
      "pivot": 100000000,
      "path": "geoloc"

Hi @Tom_Cernera,

Here is another link that could be helpful as well. The problem you have here is that your collection’s sample doc above nests coordinate values in an array.

To work, your document needs to look like this (instead of objects nested in the array):


Worked once I updated the field to not longer be a nested object.

@Marcus Does this not work in a must compound? I see a possible solution is to boost the score to something really high, say 100 and then try to filter on that?

Could you share your query?