Search disregarding accents and lower case

Tive que criar um campo de nome: normalized Field, onde no pré save, salvar o valor dos outros campos sem acentos, sem espaço e tudo caixa baixa. Tudo isto, porque não consegui resolver com um simples “find” usando e não usando “index search” e ter uma pesquisa que aceitasse receber parte de um nome sem ou com acento e buscasse no banco.

I had to create a field named: normalized Field, where in the pre-save, save the value of the other fields without accents, without spaces and all in lower case. All this, because I couldn’t solve it with a simple “find” using and not using “index search” and have a search that accepted receiving part of a name without or with an accent and searching in the database.

Hi @Marcos_Andre_Gerard_alves , can you share an example of the document you want to search for, the search query and the search index definition? Atlas Search offers many ways to search data, and I think language analyzers may be able to help for your use case.