Schema relationships are not fetched when using find or findOne actions

I have defined relationships between collections in my schema but the actual object data is not returned (only id is returned).
This works as expected when using the graphql api.
Is there a way to retrieve relationships in one call?
What is the point in defining relationships if it has no effect?


You may please see the page referenced below.

Two collections - test and test2, are related by the common key “b”.
The final output shows, the collection test joined with test2.
For brevity, _id field values have been removed from all output.

[ {  a: 1, b: 2 } ]

[ { b: 2, c: 3, d: 4 } ]

db.test.aggregate( [{ $lookup: { from: "test2", localField: "b", foreignField: "b", as: "DocReferenced" } }]);
    a: 1,
    b: 2,
    DocReferenced: [ {  b: 2, c: 3, d: 4 } ]


Some ORM, by default using the Lazy Loading. This means the when you put an query, related objects are not loaded. This can increase the performance by avoiding the unnecessary database query.

The point here is that according to the documentation, if a relationship is defined, app services can return the related document as part of a query without the need to perform specific aggregations or additional queries.
Since the graphql api is deprecated I would expect that the data API will support this otherwise defining a schema and relationships is useless.