Schema of the collection video.movies

In the collection video.movies, what represent the graph in the left of the field name of genre ? For exemple the Drama represent 12%. 12% of what ? please.
Thank you.

Are you referring to schema tab?
You have different categories for genres like Western,Drama,Comedy etc
So 12% of the docs are with Documentary
3% with Drama and so on

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@Ramachandra_37567, thank you.
Yes, i was in the schema tab. This is where i see the percent of each genre. But i’d like to know the percent means what. Can you explain me the stick chart means what please ?

Hi @tcho,

The report shown under the Schema tab is based on a random sample of 1000 documents.

For example if it says : 12 % Documentary

It simply means in this random sample of 1000 documents, 12 % of 1000 documents has genre Documentary.

Whatever data you are seeing right now might change after a refresh.

It is just for an estimation.

Hope it helps!

~ Shubham

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Thank you @Ramachandra_37567 and @Shubham_Ranjan for your answers.
I understand now.