Schema don't show up

I can’t see the schema

windows 10
Compass v. 1.16.0

see screenshot:

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@Marcel_38720 Are you using the Community Edition of Compass by chance? If so, you’ll need the enterprise edition which has the schema view.



Yes, you are right.
Where can I download the enterprise version?
Just made an account at atlas but can’t find to download always says contact us.

OKAY found it I choose the wrong to download I got it now.

Thank you @Mike_67094

Hi Marcel_38720,

You need to download Compass stable version. It has the schema view.

Thanks, Kanika

Hi Kanika,
I have a suggestion for the development team. Can they add Community/Enterprise edition in About section? I can see the schema so I assume I have enterprise edition but will be helpful to have the Community/Enterprise edition details in the About section.

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@Kanika I second @Ajay_55592’s suggestion for the help -> about dialog to show whether the installed version is community / stable / enterprise / something else.

Thanks for the suggestion @Ajay_55592, @Simon_39939 :slight_smile:

Will make sure to pass it to the team.