Schema Design question

  1. Hi, I am building a database, where I need to create a collection to keep track of a timetable entered by an administrator. Basically each day is divided into modules (say 6) and in each module an event takes place that repeats every week and there are 40 rooms where different events can take place. I thought of making a collection called Modules and each module will be represented by a document and each document will hold the information of that event (e.g. the user leading the event, what room it takes place in, what day of the week, what time it starts and ends). However, I had the doubt whether this scheme is right because it is very easy to have a lot of documents, because let’s say that every day there are 6 events (6 events * 6 days = 36 events) and that these events can take place simultaneously in 40 different rooms (36 * 40 = 1440 events so 1440 documents) Furthermore, these events are not always the same but can change during the year, so I have to keep track of the previous 1440 (for the history) and add another 1440 and so on.