Schema Design Best Practices with MongoDB

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About this event

Data Modeling is incredibly helpful in building applications—and understanding best practices for data modeling that leverage MongoDB’s flexible Document Model to best support your application through its development will make your journey easier.

Carry your laptop!

Join us as we deep dive into Data Modeling.


  • Phase I : Welcome, Icebreaker and Introductions
  • Phase II: Discuss the topic around data modeling and schema design best practices
  • Phase III: Roundtable
  • Closing remarks
  • Networking

Key Benefits

  • Exclusive Knowledge
  • Networking
  • Career growth
  • Skills

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We will have swag, pizza, wine, juice, beer, and great conversations! We are excited to see you all soon!

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Requirements for attendees:

  1. We will limit our attendees for now NB: Those who have RSVP’d on MongoDB Nairobi, Kenya | Gather with other MongoDB users locally and globally, either virtually or in-person. will be prioritised.
  2. Provide your own mask and have it throughout at the venue
  3. The temperature will be scanned before admission.
  4. Social distance will be observed (1 meter apart) throughout the event


Michael Kimathi

Michael Kimathi

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