Schema Analysis without Enterprise Subscription?

What are some ways a developer would go about analyzing their database contents without the Schema Analysis feature in the Enterprise version of Compass?

Since the feature isn’t included in the Community Edition, what other techniques are available?

You can install Compass Stable version, click here


Thank you, but this does not really answer my question. Perhaps I was unclear.

The product you suggested requires a paid subscription for commercial use, at some unpublished recurring price. What are some other ways to do schema analysis WITHOUT using Compass, since this is not a viable option for many organizations?

Sorry for the confusion.

– The Compass stable version is free to use. Community and Enterprise edition is different. Many users have downloaded and using free version to do the schema analysis.

– As far as I know, I don’t know any other way to do schema analysis. But I will check with the team and let you know.

Thanks, Kanika

Hi Joe_96856,

I checked with the team and there is a way to do the schema analysis through npm. If you are familar with it, here are the details

Hope it helps!


Thank you, this looks very promising :slight_smile:

The various editions and products are confusing; I appreciate your clarification!

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