Safely downgrading Cluster type and disk

I have an M20 cluster with 200 GB disk.

My disk usage was around 150 GB, but now that we have moved some of the data, it is coming down to 90-100 GB, and I dont really need the M20 compute power.

I want to downgrade it to M10 with 110 or 120 GB disk (max M10 supports is 128 GB)

I see that I can just edit configuration, select M10 and 120 GB disk size, but I have never reduced disk size before, so want to know if it will work or do I have to do something else?

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Hi @Dushyant_Bangal,

If your storage size allows the resize the disk should be just replaced with a smaller device.

Having said that we recommend keeping 30% of free space to avoid issues as a general guide line.