Run mongodb with pm2

i want to run mongodb with pm2 in window operationg system.i am searching on this topic for very long but still i am unable to run mongodb with please help

Welcome to the community @Nabeel_Hassan!

I assume you are referring to PM2, a process manager for Node.js applications. Please clarify if that is not the case.

Can you provide more information on what you are trying to achieve with PM2? Are you trying to use this as a wrapper for your MongoDB application or for the MongoDB server? If you are trying to set this up for your application, I’d suggest asking on Stack Overflow with the pm2 tag.

If you are trying to setup your MongoDB server to run as a background service, that is one of the options provided during installation: Install MongoD as a Service.


Yes Stennie i am refferring to Pm2,a process manager for node js application.What i am trying to do is to run mongodb server with pm2 as backgroun procss with pm2