Run mongo shell commands from MongoDB Realm Functions

This may be a very basic question, but is it possible to run mongo shell commands from the Realm Functions? There are plenty of mongo shell commands that I’d like to run, but I don’t see the relation between the mongo shell and the MongoDB Realm Functions / Realm Administration API.

For instance, the listCollections function: Every research on that leads me to the mongo shell.

@Jean-Baptiste_Beau Can you try the node.js driver? It has a collections method -

@Ian_Ward using the node.js driver in Realm Functions yields the error:

MongoDB Node.js Driver is not supported. Please visit our MongoDB Realm documentation.

how about this -{groupid}/apps/{appid}/services/{serviceid}/commands/{commandname}

Perhaps @Jean-Baptiste_Beau you can try to load the MongoDB js driver using external dependency and then require it in function.
This said you will still have to provide atlas connection user and uri but those could be stored as secrets.

@Pavel_Duchovny I uploaded the driver and its dependencies, however I still get the error when I do:

var MongoClient = require('mongodb').MongoClient;

@Ian_Ward what would be the service name? Could you show me an example with listCollections please?

@Jean-Baptiste_Beau POST /groups/ **{groupId}** /apps/ **{appId}** /services/ **{serviceId}** /commands/ **{commandName}**

{commandName} should be list_collections

Did you ever get this to work? Do you have example code to share?

No unfortunately I couldn’t get this to work. Since I only needed the listCollections methods, I ended up hardcoding an array with all the object types in my database and looping through this instead.