robo3t/Compass MongoDB not invoking browser authentication for cloudflare

I’m using Cloudflare access to authenticate my MongoDB server(using an SSH tunnel) but Robo3T not invoking browser authentication while using Cloudflare DNS with Robo3T SSH configuration(creating a tunnel through a bastion host to access the MongoDB server).

But if I’m using bastion server IP instead of DNS i.e. bypassing Cloudflare access authentication, it works perfectly fine.

I’m facing the same issue with the MongoDB-compass as well.

Any help is really appreciated.

Does it work if you use the shell (either mongosh or mongo)?

This authentication is done whenever I want to connect with Mongo Server using Cloudflare DNS instead of IP address.
If I’m creating the same SSH tunnel using the terminal, then its working as expected i.e. popping up the browser for the authentication.

Creating a seperate SSH tunnel everytime from the terminal for port forwarding Mongo Server 27017 to my local is not a feasible idea in my case, that’s why I was trying to use robo3T SSh tunnel feature.