Reverse hours on Y-Axis

I am trying to set up a heatmap of my chart data that visualizes member presence. The only thing I would like changed is that the hours would start with 6:00 on the bottom left instead of top left.
My data is correctly typed as date but i don’t seem to find an option that allows order or a sort in some terms.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, unfortunately we don’t give the ability to reverse the order of binned date fields in the Y axis.

Thank you for your answer!
Is that something that could be added in the future?

We can consider it; you might want to log a suggestion at for others to vote on.
Out of interest, why do you want this? I’ve never seen examples of time being displayed from bottom to top like you are requesting.

I would just assume that hours start from the bottom. Same as a regular chart that has 0;0 in the bottom left. I just looks a bit “wrong” in my opinion