Returning nested data from mongodb

I have a collection of lecturers (about 1000 documents) at mongodb.
I would like to extract from the collection following documents:

    _id : lecturerId;
    Array<_id>: booksId;

I would like to extract the lecturers ID and the ID list (in the form of a List) of all books that are assigned to them

Each lecturer has one lesson and each lesson has a list of books that have an id.

Lecturer object fields (document in collection)

    String _id;
    String name;
    String surname;
    Timestamp date;
    Lesson lesson(OBJECT);

Lesson object fields: (inside Lecturer entity)

    _id : LessonID;
    Array<Student>: students;
    Array<Book>: books;

Book object fields: (inside Lesson entity)

    _id : BookID;
    String : name;
    String : author;

Thank you in advance for your help!

I will go a step further:
I would like to extract the ID of lecturers who have duplicate IDs of books in the Book array in object Lesson