Return partial matches on string in array

I have a question about how to query partial matches in an array (new to MongoDB).

I have the following structure in my database where each recipe is built up similar to this:
Now I am trying to match a given ingredients list for example: [‘water’, “tomatoes”], but I am stuck on how to properly query this. It should return me each recipe in the database that has one or more partial matching strings in the ingredients array in the database.
What would be the cleanest solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance,

@Sebastiaan_Vanspauwe do you mean “partial matches” as in “some ingredients from the list” or “partial matches” as in wat matches ingredients when ingredients contains water?

Hi @Jack_Woehr,
Exactly the last thing you mentioned. With partial match I mean “tomatoes” should match “6 tomatoes” and “wat” should match “water”.

Sound like your aggregate wants to $unwind your arrays and do a $regex