Retrieving/filtering an object inside an array based on multiple fields?

I am new to MongoDB. I would like to know how can we filter/retrive an object inside an array of multiple objects based on certain fields?
rsz_screenshot_from_2021-11-19_12-04-35 (1)
for eg. I want to retrive only Object: 0 from Transaction array referencing fields like ProviderName, TimeStamp. How can i do that?

Hi. You may need to use ‘.’ dot to reference a particular field either in an embedded document or array. For example: db.collection.find({“Employee.Transactions.ProviderName”: “yourSearchCriterion”}). This search approach only returns the first document that matches.

I don’t want it to return the document. But only one object inside an array based on searching multiple fields.

Take a look at

In that case, you can also use projection in the find query, e.g. db.collection.find({}, {“_id”:0, “Employee.Transactions.ProviderName” : 1}).
This page will give you more details about projection of fields from embedded documents and array:

Please provide sample documents we can import in our environment.

Please provide exact values for the query. For example, transactions.0 and transactions.1 both refers to ProviderName:TABAPAY, do you want both of only the first one.

Please provide a sample of the output document(s) that you want.

We cannot work out of you image and descriptions.