Retrieve Shell Logs

I aim to capture all user-executed commands by leveraging “Retrieve Shell Logs functionality”. Although I attempted profiling but i don’t want to go with this approach, I require an alternative approach. Additionally, I am using the mongoDB community edition not the enterprise edition.

Logs for the MongoDB Shell are stored on a file in the filesystem, one file per shell session, as described here: This is valid both for community as well as for enterprise.

If you are looking for something different, it would be helpful if you expanded a bit on what you are currently doing as well as what you are looking for.

So i need all the details like executed commands by all users in mongoDB, can you tell me the how can i achieve this, by mongosh i can see all the commands and logs but i need to see in UI. Any suggestions ?

Ok, then probably looking at mongosh or other logs on the client side is not the best way. I would suggest looking into MongoDB logging ( For Community that is probably your best option.
With MongoDB Enterprise you’d also have the auditing option: