Results duplicate query

I am getting duplicate results when using sort, limit and start.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

1 - starting with 0
2 - incrementing the start

Expected behavior

Do not bring the same record sought previously.


Code snippets

query QueryListings( $limit: Int!, $start: Int ) { listings( limit: $limit, start: $start, sort: "likes:desc" ) { id title street neighborhood zipcode city phones likes logo { url } slug } }


  • Node.js version: v12.18.3
  • Strapi version: v3.4.3
  • Database: MongoAtlas
  • Operating system:

Hi Rafaael,

Did you figure this out? I am not quite clear if the issue is happening at the Strapi or the MongoDB layer?


Thanks for the reply Andrew. Strapi’s support reported that it is a problem in Mongo and suggested that I move to a MYSQL database.