Restricting access to a dynamic infrastructure

Hi there,

We have our MongoDB Atlas instance restricted to the IP addresses of our Kubernetes nodes, however since these get regularly upgraded, and assigned new IP addresses, we keep having to manually update the IP addresses in the network access settings.

Has anyone else had this issue, or have any suggestions on how we might resolve this?

Is there an API we could use to programmatically update the IP addresses with access, perhaps?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @TobyGCRM!

There is an Atlas API you can use to Add Entries to a Project IP Access List. Entries can include IPs, CIDRs (IP ranges), or AWS security groups.

If you have a dedicated MongoDB Atlas cluster (M10+) and your Kubernetes services happen to run on AWS, GCP, or Azure you may also have the option to Set up a Network Peering Connection.


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