Restore a single DB from MongoDB Atlas Cloud backup

Is it possible to restore a single database from MongoDB Atlas Cloud backup? I found documentation only for the entire cluster restore:

It seems that this is possible with legacy backups:

Hi @Anshu_Avinash,

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Cloud backup does not allow a queryable backup like legacy could.

BUT you can easily restore your backup to a temp cluster and use mongodump to get the collection you need.

Let me know if that works for you.


Thanks @Pavel_Duchovny for your prompt reply and for the workaround.
I was also curious that if there is a technical reason for this being missing in Atlas, since the same feature is present in Cloud Manager:

Yes @Anshu_Avinash, this feature can be implemented by having the mechanism of old backup which was slower and had many potential break points. Cloud Manager still uses this method.

Now we use cloud provider snapshots which allow you to restore faster and cheaper storage. So in case of need having a provisioned cluster to dump and restore based on your need and size makes much more sense than using this queryable backup…


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Thanks @Pavel_Duchovny for the detailed explanation.

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