Rescheduling MongoDB Developer Certification

Hi Team,

I have registered for MongoDB Certified Developer Certification Exam on 19 Jan 2021. But due to some unavoidable circumstances, I want to reschedule the exam to next month’s slot. I am able to see the available slots till march, but when I am trying to transfer an exam session from MongoDB university it shows no upcoming exams. and trying to reschedule it from examity it shows date out of range. Could you please confirm if I can book the February slot or I have to stick to the January slot?


Hi @Krushna_Borkar,

For issues with Certification you can contact the team directly by emailing

There are also dedicated forums for MongoDB University that are currently separate from the Developer Community Forums.

We’re working toward integrating the forums for a unified experience early next year, but in the interim the University forums are more appropriate for timely discussion around courses and certification.


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Hi @Stennie,

Thank you for the information.


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