Requirements Compliance and Reporting

I am looking to expand upon the capabilities/requirements on a web app currently in development. Currently the app is using a MongoDB backend with Django framework for the API and a React front end. In this case I am trying to find an existing app/package with the desired capability as I am sure I am not the first to do something like this. This is probably not the right forum, so redirect me at will.

For this project I need to link requirements to the report section and data that are used for showing compliance. I don’t want to just reference the full documents the data is in, but the individual section(s) that apply to the requirement. I want to store the requirements in the database and be able to produce a report from those requirements (i.e. a html page(view) or word/pdf document). I also want to do the same thing for the compliance reports. I would also prefer the user write the compliance report in the browser (i.e. word processor type interface). If each section on the report was a record then creating this linking would be easy.

For Example

Requirements “Doc”
Section 1 - Background
Section 2 - Intro
Requirement 1
Requirement 2 …

Compliance Doc
Section 1 - Background
Section 2 - Intro
Section 3.1 - Compliance technical words and data. (Linked to Requirement 1)
Section 3.2 - Compliance technical words and data. (Linked to Requirement 1&2)
Section 4.1 - Compliance technical words and data. (linked to Requirement 3)
Section 4.2 - Compliance technical words and data…

Doing this allows you to create unique views to easily show compliance and still produce the “reports” required by the customer. Right now we use excel and word to do this which is inefficient and I think the data would better live in a database.

I know this problem has been solved somewhere so a push in the right direction would be helpful…