Requesting for details on mongodb clientside field level encryption

i’m looking into the encryption features available in mongodb.
i came across the concept:clientside-field level encryption and this concept is relevant for my requirement. i need additional details on the implementation flow. The flow chart provided in the pdf i have linked in this post confuses me. i would like to learn more on this topic and if there is any sample code snippet related to implementation please share.

Hi @Divine_Cutler,

We’ve got some sample code here. If you’re keen to learn more about the implementation of the feature, we did a talk on that, too (which also came with a cheatsheet). Hope this helps.


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thank you @Naomi_pentrel . i will look into it.

is it possible to practice/experiment/playaround with the field-level-encryption feature using the mongodb community softwareversion or will it require mongodb enterprise softwareversion?

With a self-hosted community version you’d only be able to do manual client-side field level encryption.

For the full/automatic field-level encryption, you can either use the Enterprise edition or an Atlas cluster (the free tier is sufficient). So I’d suggest setting up a free cluster on Atlas and playing around with it there :).

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@Naomi_Pentrel this is great. thank you. have a nice day. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You too! :slight_smile:

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