Request mongodb for ubuntu 22.10

sir Ubuntu new version has released but i couldn’t fond any official doc for install MongoDB on Ubuntu 22.10 please make available MongoDB on Ubuntu 22>10

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what is the latest you have used?

it is not always feasible to compile for specific versions, so instead of one compiled for 22.10, I suggest using the one for 22.04. they shouldn’t differ too much in the libraries they use. after all, you can still use 10-20 years old things if libraries are compatible.

But there might be a slight problem. I haven’t lately checked the installation page, but instructions for 22.04 was not on the page a month ago. If this is still the case, search this forum. we had discussions on it, and have solutions with how-to instructions.

i hope mongodb make a supported guide for installing mongodb on ubuntu 22.10, just ubuntu new release and mongdb instalation is depreaceated its not done

Welcome to the MongoDB community @Sarowar_Hosen!

Official MongoDB packages only support Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) releases since interim releases like Ubuntu 22.10 have a much shorter support lifecycle from Canonical (9 months for an interim release versus 5 years for LTS releases). Interim and major O/S releases can introduce package or dependency changes that require further testing and validation. Ubuntu 22.10 will reach End of Life (EOL) in July 2023 which is 2 years before the July 2025 EOL date for MongoDB 6.0.

Ubuntu 22.04 is supported for MongoDB 6.04+ (see Install MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu), but these packages are not validated with later releases like Ubuntu 22.10.

If you prefer to use interim O/S releases rather than LTS, I would consider installing services like MongoDB in a container or virtualised environment with a supported O/S version.


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