Request free certification code

I finish my learning path and I fill the form to get my free code for exam but I got this response :

To qualify for free certification, you must be successfully registered for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. According to our system, GitHub was unable to identify you as a student.

Will you please register for MongoDB for Students? We will process your request after your student status is confirmed.

I am already have GitHub student pack I use it with my account and already get $50 Atlas Credit I response the previous email but I still don’t get any answers .
the sentence “will you please register for …” confusing me should I fill the form again or just wait ?

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

Yes, please resubmit the application form. When you submit the application form, we check all of your information to ensure you’ve completed a MongoDB University learning path and that you’ve verified that you’re a student by entering your GitHub information at MongoDB Student Pack. Because you had not signed-in at MongoDB Student Pack when you initially submitted your application, we will need to re-check that information. Thank you!

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