Representations of Mongodb index files format at storage layer

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Could you anyone please suggest , what are the representations of Mongodb index files format at storage layer ?


147188 - represent for ?

368773209950180949 represent for ?

Hi @Vinay_Jaiswal welcome to the community!

The name collection_<x>_<y> or index_<x>_<y> is just an identifier to ensure the uniqueness of the name identifying a storage resource (called ident internally). Note that since MongoDB can work with other storage engines, the filenames you’re seeing is just something specific to WiredTiger, where in WiredTiger, those idents are implemented as WiredTiger tables (files) internally.

As to your question, the <x> and <y> numbers mean nothing, and currently <x> is just an incrementing counter, and <y> is just a random number. Since these conventions are for internal use, it may change in the future.

See the page Execution internals, especially the Glossary section regarding ident.

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