Repository other than jcenter() to get realm adapters 4.0.0?

With the move to Android Studio 4.2, there is now a warning on builds to move off of jcenter() as a repository. Doing this causes a build failure for me for android-adapters version 4.0.0

What other repository has this other than jcenter()? What is the gradle setup to access it?


@Tad_Frysinger: We have already moved away from jCenter a while back, consider migrating to 10.4.x.

For detailed info, you can check our release log

I have already upgraded to 10.4.0, but for the Realm recyclerview adapter 4.0.0 this is not on mavenCentral(), only jcenter, as far as I can tell.

Btw - here is a screenshot from your docs on 10.4.0 and up, note that it still references jcenter().

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Hi is there an update here? It seems you need to move your 4.0.0 adapters to mavenCentral() as well, correct?

@Tad_Frysinger: Thanks for following up. Yes, team is looking into how quickly they can migrate adapters as well.

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Mohit -

Hi, any update?



@Tad_Frysinger : Sorry for delayed response, I don’t have update on this.

But the team has committed on this and you check progress from

Hi Mohit -

It’s been over three weeks, this is still not resolved. It really is a pain during day-to-day development (I have noticed sometimes after the error occurs and I try again and it seems to build, the build actually has errors requiring me to do a FULL REBUILD after even the most trivial edits to any file that uses Realm).

Can we PLEASE get this escalated and resolved?


Btw - I am more than happy to do a screen share with a Realm developer to show the error occurring and debug it if necessary.


@Tad_Frysinger : Sorry for about the issue you are facing. Let me try to followup on this.

Hi @Tad_Frysinger We are currently in the process of doing the migration. You can follow progress here Upgrade dependencies and enable uploading to Maven Central by cmelchior · Pull Request #162 · realm/realm-android-adapters · GitHub

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Thanks, I will keep track of it and try it out when it gets finalized!

@Mohit_Sharma and @ChristanMelchior - it’s been two months since my original post. Not trying to be a pest, but this issue of not being able to do incremental builds because of Realm is getting to be a real pain. Any word on when we might see a fix? Thanks!

Btw - there is another issue opened up I think may be related to the realm adapter work, it is here.

@Tad_Frysinger: Sorry for the delayed response.

I was trying to understand what best can be done to expedite this, considering the current situation we wouldn’t be able to commit to a fixed date but it looks like we can release this early next month.

@Tad_Frysinger : Hope you are doing good.

I was internally trying to sort out something which can unblock you until official release, and @ChristanMelchior suggested that you can try replacing

Do let me know if this works out for you or not?

Do you mean utilize this file in my project directly and completely remove the reference to implementation group: ‘io.realm’, name: ‘android-adapters’, version: ‘4.0.0’ from my gradle file?

@ChristanMelchior : Can you please explain in detail :fu: