Replication server one of the secondary unreachable

Hi Team,

One of the replication server 2 secondary 1 primary one secondary server host is down

“stateStr” : “(not reachable/healthy)” so when i checked mongod.logs below error was encounter

  1. why it is happen my server
  2. How to resolve ASAP

2022-05-05T00:35:2995+0000 F - [conn1841] Failed to mlock: Unknown error
2022-05-05T00:35:29.295+0000 F - [conn1841] Fatal Assertion 28832 at src/mongo/base/secure_allocator.cpp 255
2022-05-05T00:35:29.295+0000 F - [conn1841]

***aborting after fassert() failure

2022-05-05T00:35:29.312+0000 I NETWORK [listener] connection accepted from #2114 (1134 connections now open)
2022-05-05T00:35:29.316+0000 F - [conn1841] Got signal: 6 (Aborted).


Please try the recommendation here:



Hi @hari_dba, did you try adjusting the max locked memory setting to the recommended value of unlimited per the SERVER issue @jbalint shared?

If you are still having issues, please confirm your versions of MongoDB server, O/S version, and output of
<relevant ulimit command to confirm what that setting should be>

In case you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks and Regards.
Sourabh Bagrecha,

Hi Sourabh,

Thank you very much for reply.

I will be reach you another issue
But previous issue is fixed.


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