Replication server one of the secondary unreachable

Hi Team,

One of the replication server 2 secondary 1 primary one secondary server host is down

“stateStr” : “(not reachable/healthy)” so when i checked mongod.logs below error was encounter

  1. why it is happen my server
  2. How to resolve ASAP

2022-05-05T00:35:2995+0000 F - [conn1841] Failed to mlock: Unknown error
2022-05-05T00:35:29.295+0000 F - [conn1841] Fatal Assertion 28832 at src/mongo/base/secure_allocator.cpp 255
2022-05-05T00:35:29.295+0000 F - [conn1841]

***aborting after fassert() failure

2022-05-05T00:35:29.312+0000 I NETWORK [listener] connection accepted from #2114 (1134 connections now open)
2022-05-05T00:35:29.316+0000 F - [conn1841] Got signal: 6 (Aborted).


Please try the recommendation here:



Hi @hari_dba, were you able to try adjusting the max locked memory setting to the recommended value of unlimited per the SERVER issue @jbalint shared?

If you are still having issues, please confirm your versions of MongoDB server, O/S version, and output of

relevant ulimit command to confirm what that setting should be

In case you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks and Regards.
Sourabh Bagrecha,

Hi Sourabh,

Thank you very much for reply.

I will be reach you another issue
But previous issue is fixed.


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