Replication from atlas to private cloud

Hi, I wonder if it is possible to setup some kind of replication from MongoDB atlas to MongoDB on-premise? I have tried to find it out with no luck.

If it is not possible, which other approaches exists? Export incremental backups? Other options out of Atlas?

I would start by looking at

Thanks @steevej IsChange Streams working in Atlas? Haven’t found anything in the doc.

Yes it does.

Most likely because it works exactly the same as it does on local install.

Hi @bonisql - Welcome to the community. Glad to have you here.

@steevej is right. Change streams are a great way to observe data changes, and to act on them. Since it’s using aggregation framework, you have the option to look at just a subset of the data.

However, I’m curious to learn about your use case here. What’s the problem you are trying to solve by replicating from Atlas to your on-prem?


Hi @mahisatya - Thanks for your answers as well.

Well, in general having the option to set up some sort of replication to a private cloud (on-prem DC) is something that could be required for several reasons, eg: Disaster Recovery. This is possible for example with other DBaaS offerings like GCP Cloud SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL,…), using External Replication.

Change Streams look fine, but it requires some development effort, it is not an out-of-the-box replication mechanism.

Hi @bonisql,

Atlas supports all MongoDB server features unless otherwise noted for your cluster tier or in the general Atlas limitations. For example, since Atlas is a managed service user management and server configuration must be done via the Atlas UI/API rather than directly modifying configuration files.

Change streams are supported for all clusters but there are some tier limitations such as connection limits, which scale relative to the cluster resources.

For more details please refer to the follow links based on your cluster tier:


Hi @Stennie ,
Thanks for your above inputs! Those linked references are very appreciated, had some of them on the radar, but not all of them. Cheers!