replica set refuses to get managed by new ops manager

Hi everyone,

I need some help with a problem I’m facing. Here’s the situation:

I had an Ops Manager server running version 4.2, but it stopped working after a server backup. This caused an error and MongoDB wouldn’t start. On the old Ops Manager, I created a user without admin rights, so only Ops Manager had control.

Since the old Ops Manager wouldn’t start, I set up a new server and installed a new Ops Manager (version 7.x). I tried to import the existing replica sets, which have agents running version 4.4x. However, the new Ops Manager can’t ping these agents or pull data from them.

It seems like the replica sets are refusing access because the new Ops Manager isn’t authorized.

My question is: How can I get the imported replica sets to be managed by the new Ops Manager? Is there a way to adjust permissions so the new Ops Manager can take control?

Thanks for any help!