Replica Set in different host using Docker

Hi all

I have 5 host machines ( Red Hat OS 7). Hence I thinking if i can use Docker to do setup for replica set in different host machines ?
Really appreciate if some guidance and advise from all of you.

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Yeo_Wee_Tat!

It is recommended for your replica set members to be distributed across different host machines (especially for production environments). To manage deployment of multiple Docker containers across multiple hosts, typically you would use an orchestration tool like Kubernetes or Docker Swarm.

If you decide to use Kubernetes, the MongoDB Community Kubernetes Operator supports creation of replica sets. There are community examples using Docker Swarm, but I’m not sure which of these are recommendable starting points.

Setting up orchestration tooling, networking, and Docker configuration is not specific to MongoDB and there can be a fair learning curve. If you need further assistance setting up your tooling, the Kubernetes Community Forums and Docker Community Forums may have more relevant expertise.

I also recommend reviewing the MongoDB Security Checklist for available security measures.