Replica set configuration

Hello there,
I have this situation after I configured a replica set. I don’t know what I did but the member[n]._id sequence doesn’t match the member[n].host sequence.

|IP Address |Host name |Member._id |Member[n] |Priority |Hidden |Site |Role|
|.92.252 |HOST01 |0 |0 |100 |FALSE |A |Primary|
|.95.253 |HOST06 |5 |1 |0.2 |FALSE |B |Secondary|
|.95.254 |HOST07 |6 |2 |0 |TRUE |B |Secondary|
|.95.252 |HOST05 |4 |3 |0.3 |FALSE |B |Secondary|
|.95.251 |HOST04 |3 |4 |0.5 |FALSE |B |Secondary|
|.92.253 |HOST03 |2 |5 |40 |FALSE |A |Secondary|
|.92.254 |HOST02 |1 |6 |50 |FALSE |A |Secondary|

As you can see 3 nodes are in Site A and 4 nodes in a DR site. The customer wants to do the fail over on the DR manually. I did changing the priority of the nodes. After changing the priority the HOST04 will have Priority 100 and become Primary and Secondary the following: HOST05: 50, HOST6: 40, HOST01: 0.5, HOST02: 0.3, HOST03: 02.
I would know if could be any problem in the replica of the data or any other kind problems about the replication of the data considering that members[n]._id doesn’t matct the member[n].host

No. If you remove a node and add one its id will be the max(_id) +1

Just don’t rely on _id OR the index order of the members array to be matching a specific host when you’re writing scripts or documentation.

Thank you for your reply.