Repeat a wrongly answered lab

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can I repeat a lab after putting the wrong answer three times:(


Hi @Serkan_Kaya,

You only get a maximum of three attempts in lab and final exam.

~ Shubham

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There was a question in Chapter 4 Lab 2: Querying Arrays and Sub-Documents,
The question was really basic about “NEW YORK”, but i entered in the query as “New York”, i didn’t expect that there were two different keyword for new york, so i entered the answer as 5 and got it wrong, i just wanted to ask will it affect the final score? Does the certificate has percentage of score on it?

Score will not be displayed on the course completion confirmation doc

If you have exhausted 3 attempts you will not get any credit
All labs will add to final score
Yes it will affect final score but that’s fine as long as you score minimum required to pass the course


Hi @Pushyaraj_Asnani,

Thanks for sharing this. We will update the question to make it clear.

And I hope you found @Ramachandra_37567’s response helpful. Let us know if you still have any questions.

~ Shubham

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