Remove unique index from each document

I have created multiple documents inside my collection that has the “name” field set to a unique index. The issue I am having is that when I remove “name” as a unique index, it still requires the field to be unique. How can I remove the unique index of a field without removing the field from my documents?

Welcome @Jon_Paricien

Can you post the error on inset and the indices on the collection?

A collection names with name as field:

 _id: 1,
 name: "John Doe",
 profession: "Programmer"

Create a unique index on name field:
db.names.createIndex( { name: 1 }, { unique: true } )

List all indexes on the collection:

Remove the index on name field using the dropIndex method:
db.names.dropIndex( { name: 1 } )

The above commands work from the mongo Shell. The same actions can be performed from the Compass GUI tool.

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