Relevant Tree/Topic items to refer for Associate Dev Exam

Hi Team,

I am preparing for Associate Dev - Java path exam.

I have the PDF link of study guide (MongoDB Courses and Trainings | MongoDB University)

and I am referring exhaustive documentation (

I just want to confirm from someone here on the tree/topics below if they are not relevant to CDA exam.

Relevant - Introduction, Mongo CRUD, Aggregations, Data Models, Indexes… +… (and there can be others like Drivers etc)

Not Relevant - Security, Replication, Sharding, Time Series, Administration, Storage (Since in PDF, there is no mention of any line item pertaining to this)

Mainly want to reduce the time I will take to finish documentation and focus better only on relevant topics. Any help here would be highly appreciated!


Just need confirmation on my understanding, if it’s correct or not!

Hello @Ketan_Mehta1, Welcome to the MongoDB developer community forum,

It is not required to do any not relevant topics, which is why they have designed courses for specific languages, and it is specific for the developer path certification,

For more reference, I have published an article related to “MongoDB Associate Developer Certification Study Guide”, Which explains my certification journey and study guide.

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