Relational Migrator - JDBC driver for MySQL are not installed

Im gettting the below error when i try to connect to MySQL database via Relational migrator.

JDBC drivers for MySQL are not installed. Please download, copy to the drivers folder for your OS, and restart Relational Migrator.


  1. I have downloaded the mysql-connector-j-9.0.0.jar file for platform independent version and placed it to the below folder
    C:\Users\44244\AppData\Local\MongoDB\Relational Migrator\Data\Drivers

  2. Restarted relational migrator multiple times

Hi @Praburaja_Paramasivam

I would start with verifying the checksum of the downloaded zip against that on the download page, although the unzip should be verifying the extract jar anyway.

Next stop would be to check the log files and see if there are any errors or warnings.

c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\MongoDB\Relational Migrator\Data\Logs\migrator.log

Hi @Praburaja_Paramasivam -

Per the docs we recommend you use v8.3.0 of the MySQL driver, although in my testing the v9.0.0 version did at least allow the project to be created.

Two things to double check:

  1. Do you have just the .jar file in the Drivers folder as per my screenshot?
  2. Did you restart RM from the tray icon (as opposed to just closing the browser page)?

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