Relational Migrator it does not work

because a problem occurred
I used the script as instructed, but it doesn’t work.
What part am I missing?

please help me thank you

Hi @Park_49739 -

Thanks for using Relational Migrator, and sorry to hear you are having problems. It looks like this sync job may have failed for some other reason, if the script is not having the desired effect. Can you send the text of any error messages you see in the Issues list below the red banner?


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As you said, the first problem was solved.
However, the next time I had the same problem as above. What can i check?

Did it successfully migrate some data before failing? The timeout exception could be the result of poor network connectivity between Relational Migrator and your MongoDB instance, or it could be that your MongoDB instance is underpowered. In general it’s a good idea to run Relational Migrator in a network location that is as close as possible to your source and destination databases.



As @tomhollander mentioned, this might be related to another reason. As the read times out can you please check the following:

Go back to the Data Migration pane and click on create new sync job.
The connection data of you last connection should be filled in already, please verify and provide the correct password and click on test connection
If this fails, you need to check the connection string and/or credentials.

I this is the window I am referring to.

Best Michael


It was a network problem. All issues were resolved and synchronization confirmed.

Thanks for your help.

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