Relational Migrator - all fields and mappings disappeared


I have a Relational Migrator project running locally that was working correctly until I clicked “Refresh Schema” in the “Manage Relational Model” window. Now, all the tables from the source database appear empty. The tables in the main diagram that used to have column names are now blank. I can’t see any of the table filters that had been created either.

I looked in the diagnostic file that Relational Migrator generated and I can still see my previous tables, table filters, columns, etc. so I’m hoping that all my data hasn’t been lost. Has anyone experienced something like this?

Hey @Cameron_McNair,

Just to clarify a few details here, when you note the tables appear empty - Are you seeing the table names but no fields at all or you cannot see the table(s) at all? If you could send a screenshot (redacting any personal or sensitive information) to highlight this, that would help.

Would you be also to provide the exact steps taken to try reproduce this behaviour?

My assumption here is that you’ve yet to begin the migration but were preparing for it but please correct me if I am wrong. In saying so, when you state “Data hasn’t been lost” are you referring to the table filters / columns / mappings?


Hi @Jason_Tran - thanks for looking into this.

I do see the table names but none of the fields. Here’s a screenshot.

I think I figured out what causes the issue and it should be easy to replicate. Start with a working project connected to a SQL Server database. The database and all tables included in the migration should have CDC enabled. Then add a new table that does not have CDC enabled. It will initially show up correctly in the main diagram pane, but if you click “Manage” in the schema model pane then “Save” or “Refresh Schema” everything goes blank. It still doesn’t work even after enabling CDC for the new table or removing it from the migration.

Yes that’s correct, I meant the mappings.

Thanks again,

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@Cameron_McNair - Thanks for providing the screenshot and steps to reproduce it. The team have attempted to follow the steps but were not able to achieve the behaviour demonstrated in the screenshot. Any chance you could do a video recording of this behaviour? It’s possible that it is a bug but we will need to confirm this first. Happy to receive this as a DM as well (If you have any console logs, please send this via DM).

Additionally to try help narrow down what is causing this, can you specify what versions of SQL Server and Relational Migrator you’re running?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for providing the logs and video @Cameron_McNair,

The team were able to reproduce the missing fields as per your screenshot and video and confirmed it was a bug. They’ll work on a fix but in the meantime you can check out the following workaround:

If you connect via JDBC URL instead of the full form, you can enter a username and password, even if you have integratedSecurity=true in the URL. The username/password is ignored, but just having it there is enough to prevent the bug.

Additionally, if possible, try avoid using that option in the meantime.

Appreciate your patience.



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