Regarding mongodb's users in system.users

The only way is to access via mongo shell. Mongo Compass can’t access them. Is there any better way to view the hundred or thousands of users in a better way or GUI? Because it is really ridiculous to see 100+ users in the command shell.

Hi @why_npnt,

To help provide relevant suggestions, please provide some more information about your use case and the output or interaction you’d like to achieve:

  • Are you trying to export or scroll through hundred of users?

  • Do you need to see all user information or just a subset of the fields?

  • What specific version of MongoDB server are you using?

  • Are you using a self-hosted deployment or a managed service (for example, MongoDB Atlas)?

I expect you may want to count or filter a long list of users using some criteria rather than paging through a very long list. In a mongo 4.0+ shell the db.getUsers() helper accepts a filter condition to limit output to users matching the filter criteria.


  1. scroll through and overview existing fields.
  2. all users.
  3. community.
  4. self hosted, local mongod.

filter is not required. user input registration is random via test. overview is required.