Recover database from Mongo DB

We have a 3 node cluster with 1 replicaset, it was running fine for months before it started crashing every day.
We are stuck where the mongod process on the cluster keeps failing and we are not able to retrieve the data. We tried running the mongod --repair option but no luck. We also tried copying the data dir to another VM and starting mongod there but it did not start citing some missing rollback ID. The DB looks corrupt and we are not able to see the Databases even if we start another mongod and copy over our DB files (including ‘local’ ). Is there a way to recover this data.
Mongo DB version - 4.0.7
OS : Ubuntu 18.04

Unsure if you have resolved this issue by now as it was 6 weeks ago - I sure hope so!

Did you have any errors in the mongod.log file? Were you unable to perform a stepDown within your replicaset prior to moving the data to another server?

Do you not have any backups via Ops Manager or mongodump?