Recommended sequence when internet access is restored

We use Flexible Sync in our Xamarin apps for Android and iOS, and the user’s operating environment is challenging due to very intermittent internet connectivity. One issue we’ve seen is when internet connectivity is restored, and it takes Realm a long time (10 - 120 seconds) to reconnect. What is the recommended sequence to help the Realm SDK when we detect that connectivity has been restored? In your documentation, I found two separate instances that seem to address this question:

“Pausing and resuming the sync session explicitly forces the connection”

“it can be beneficial to call this method manually, which will force all sessions to attempt to reconnect”


  1. Should we do both of these things in our internet recovery sequence, and if so in what order?
  2. Are there any other recommendations for internet recovery?

Anybody out there? :smiling_face: