Recommended Kubernetes Migration Strategy?

I am in the process of exploring the best solution for migrating from a VM-based ReplicaSet to a K8s based ReplicaSet.

Upon initial investigation it seems that the Kubernetes Community Operator should suit my needs for spinning up a ReplicaSet in K8s. However, as a Mongo novice I’m struggling to find the best approach for migrating data between these two solutions.

My thought was that I should be able to add K8s Mongo instances to the existing VM-based ReplicaSet. However, the one issue I am noticing is that the Kubernetes Community Operator only allows you to spin up a ReplicaSet, and not standalone instances. From what I am reading it sounds that you are only able to add “Standalone” Mongo instances to an existing ReplicaSet. Is it advised to somehow transition the Operator created ReplicaSet to standalone for the migration process, or is there a better approach?

At the moment I am searching for any general ideas about the best practices for this type of migration. Any help is appreciated!