Recommended for production use

I am reading the changelog and it seems that 4.4.1 and earlier, there is no warning on the version not recommended for production use. Does that mean we should stick to 4.4.1 if we want a stable version or is it warning label applied from 4.4.2 onwards?

Hi @Siyong_Wang and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

The 2 bugs in WiredTiger WT-7984 and WT-7995 mentioned in the 4.4 release notes have been fixed in 4.4.9.

4.4.9 is currently the recommended version for 4.4 users. Post here.

As of today, there is no reason to hold on to version 4.4.1 as a few bugs have been fixed since then and staying on 4.4.1 potentially exposes you to a few of them. We can always fear a regression, but until one is found, 4.4.9 is better than 4.4.1.


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