Recommended alternative to mongocrypt?

Can anyone suggest a current and maintained alternative to mongocrypt? The package mongocrypt hasn’t been maintained for 6 years and has even been set to archived in GitHub. I do see other packages for NodeJS, but I am not sure if there is a one that the community (and maybe even MongoDB) pushes towards, based on experience?

We are needing to be able to do reversable, client side, field level encryption. This is partly to support our PII requirements.

Replying to myself, after doing some more research.

Mongo supports Client-side Field Level Encryption (CFLE). For anyone usng Mongoose then there is documentation for that too.

The officially supported package is mongodb-client-encryption, though it a wrapper around libmongocrypt. Also, pay attention to the fact the package is MongoDB version sensitive.

To install libmongocrypt on my Mac:

brew install libmongocrypt

Just not sure best way to install in an Alpine based Docker image.

Next step for me, after that, is seeing how to migrate unencrypted data to encrypted data.

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