Recommendations for a hosted KMIP service?


I have a hosting and MongoDB database hosted on an approved French hosting.

I would like to encrypt the data at the storage level. So I went on this documentation:

For this, I need to manage a key with the KMIP protocol.
I spent hours looking for a company (even in MongoDB partners) that would allow me to manage my keys and that would be compatible with the KMIP protocol (because required for MongoDB).

I don’t want to move my database to another host. I would like to pay for a service in an external company that would just allow me to manage my keys and to which I can connect my database.

Do you know a company that does this?
Thanks to you

Hello @Mathie, welcome to the community.

I searched and found this one: KMIP Secrets Engine (HashiCorp - Vault). Hope you find it is useful.

Hello @Prasad_Saya

Thank you very much for your answer!

HashiCorp’s Vault tool is a tool that I need to install on a machine of my own. It is not outsourced.
I’m looking for an outsourced KMS compatible KMIP

@Mathie, I think you are looking for a Key Management as a Service (KMaaS) provider.

@Prasad_Saya Yes I’m looking for that

I don’t find solution :frowning: