Receiving "No suitable servers found" error after performance testing


I am using MongoDB Atlas M10 cluster, accessing via a VPC peer on AWS.

I have a php backend which i am using to perform queries to mongodb. When i am using the application it’s working fine. However, i have just started to run performance tests, my first test was to run 100 users accessing three endpoints, which performs around 300 queries against the mongodb collection per minute. However, after running the test i suddenly start receiving the following error:

No suitable servers found (serverSelectionTryOnce set): [socket timeout calling hello on ‘cluster0-shard-00-01.6dppp.mongodb{dot}net: 27017’
] [socket timeout calling hello on ‘cluster0-shard-00-02.6dppp.mongodb{dot}net: 27017’
] [socket timeout calling hello on ‘cluster0-shard-00-00.6dppp.mongodb{dot}net: 27017’

The strange thing is i am still able to connect to the cluster via my local machine and execute queries. So i was wondering if mongodb atlas was blocking the connection from AWS. Is there some rate limiter?

Any help would be really useful.

Thank you,

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@Dominic_Taylor I am also facing the same issue. Have you got any solution yet?