Realm unsynced data list

Hi guys. I am currently working on a fully-synced react-native app and i was wondering how can i get a list of unsynced actions. I would have a back-up screen where the user knows if the data is updated. In case the data is not updated, what shoul i do to acces a list of unsynced write actions? Thanks in advance!

@JustSurrenderBTW_N_A The Realm SDK does provide an API that tells you if data has yet to be uploaded to the server and whether it has fully synced, so you could provide a general banner that tells the user they have un-synced data -

It won’t tell you specifically which objects have not been synced, if you needed this level of granularity then you would need to add a flag to your object and then set the flag once it has synced to the other side.

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